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I visited a church where the pastor spoke from Daniel 5, when the king sees a hand write on the wall. There was a graffiti artist there who illustrated the talk, and I could not take my eyes off his every stroke with the spray can. He was mesmerizing, putting the words of the talk into a picture and then morphing the picture into another one, layering over and over until the end. He’s one of the original graffiti artists in L.A., a local legend named Hex One.

The focus of the talk was on three words: love, creativity, and justice. I like those three words.

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post cleanse

Ate my first solid meal in five days. I’ve been wanting to eat these cold buckwheat noodles for a while so I¬†finally got to slurp this dish down.

After I paid and was about to leave, the owner comes up to me and tells me I was supposed to leave a tip and she wants said tip. Hmm, why should I tip if all they do is bring out a dish and everything else is self-serve?

I may not be going back there anytime soon, but I guess everyone wants (and perhaps needs) a tip, no matter how small.


the juice cleanse

Today I’m finishing up a five-day juice cleanse. It’s been a long five days, but not that hard. I don’t feel that hungry and I’ve lost several pounds of what I believe are years of toxin buildup. While I’m quite happy with the results and feeling very healthy, I know it’s just the beginning of a larger life change.

A surprising benefit is that my feet look better. Overall, everything looks better, but I didn’t know feet were included. My feet appear to be less puffy looking, and I have to tighten my shoelaces when I go hiking. I also don’t need to wear my ankle brace, at least while doing an easy hike. And the veins look less puffy and seem skinnier and bulge out less. My circulation must be a lot better.

Who’d have thought fruits and vegetables could do so much?


the soft launch

Hello, and welcome to my website. I’ve always thought it vain to have a site for oneself, but I’ve stopped thinking that way and I think it’s for the better.

I plan to post entries on things I’m either doing, random things on my mind, and observations about the world around me.

This site is also a place for me to share about my published, unpublished, and soon-to-be published material.

There’s a link to my poetry collection, The Warrior Heart, at the side menu and at the bottom of this page. The price for the Kindle version has been lowered to $2.99, so you get 15 years of poetry for less than the price of a fancy beverage.

What’s better is free, and it is free to borrow if you have Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited.

If the site is interesting enough for you, please subscribe via RSS or check back here at your leisure. I’ll work on having email subscriptions available sometime later.

So, hello again and welcome.

old school

I missed blogging, but what I really missed was the interaction with my friends through the comments. This is what Xanga was really good at. It’s a shame everybody left when Facebook took off.

Everyone I subscribed to on Xanga wrote about whatever they wanted. It wasn’t limited to a 140 characters nor a status update. It was shared only with those who subscribed.

Facebook and Twitter made it easy to see what was happening with everyone very quickly without having to really share anything. It made relationships shallower and wider, which is useful in some contexts but made anything more substantial not possible in the virtual realm. I supposed all those who wanted to continue blogging went to blogger or WordPress. And now I am here, too.

Take it down or build it up?

I did not sleep well last night; I felt like I shouldn’t do this, start a website. Why not?

Another feeling was that I absolutely should do this. Why wouldn’t I?

For today, I’ve decided to build this website. It’s quite a headache to learn all this website techie stuff.

I feel bad for the Cubs. No Back to the Future miracle for them.