Monthly Archives: December 2015

the office party

This must be the week of the office party; I’ve never seen so much cheese and dairy products in a shopping cart as I have this week. I’ve also never seen so many carts filled with stuff to the max.

One person at Whole Foods had so much cheese! Block after block of cheese placed on the checkout counter. And each block of cheese had to be $10 minimum, so this was a fancy office party. And four gallons of milk. And all sort of other stuff like crackers and other snackage.

I called up a company for some customer serviceĀ and I got a message saying the office was closed for their holiday party. Perhaps I can’t get any answers today.

On a random food-related note, I saw chocolate brandy beans at Trader Joe’s.

musical longings

Many times I’ve longed for the rock band dream. Not for the adulation of fans or the glamour of it, but to play music with people who you really jell with musically and personally. But I also know that I could never really do music all the time because I’ll get bored. Yet, if it could be a part-time gig…