Monthly Archives: June 2017


I’m not moving. I have friends who are moving. One just moved to Tokyo yesterday; I can’t believe they’re gone. But they’re not really gone, especially with the Internet.

Another friend is moving to New York. I also can’t believe they’re moving. But they’re not really gone because we talk on the phone regularly. And we have the Internet.

I just made a new friend over the weekend, and she’s from New York City and traveling the country this summer break. I’m a little jealous of her travels, but then I’ve already done the traveling thing. And it’s just too hot to travel these days. Apparently it’s just hot everywhere right now. Might as well stay home and enjoy sleeping in my own cozy bed instead of some unknown housing situation.

That’s just me for now. I do have an itch to travel and I got me a new tote bag for the weekend trips I’ve imagined I’ll be taking soon. It’s from LL Bean and it’s a tough canvas bag that’s cool but not trendy. Classy.

random June thoughts

In LA there’s a “season” called June gloom, which is basically cloudy days with cool temperatures. For locals the lack of constant sun can turn someone into a depressed person, as if they are severely deficient in Vitamin D and moping about as if the world is ending.

Personally, I love the June gloom. The temps are comfortable enough to leave windows open and the clouds keep the sun from frying my skin. The sun in SoCal is rather intense.

Yet, like the rest of this year, it’s been abnormal weather, for good (with the extra rain) and maybe bad (a sunny, hot June). Perhaps this year will simply not be normal.

This makes me want to go to a cloudy and cool place. Maybe Portland? It’s on my list of places to go.

I also randomly want to eat a lot of wheat products like ramen noodles, croissants, and bread. I also want to go to Paris but I think it’s actually hot there too.

But honestly, I am in the best place to be right now. I love LA.

I watched the rest of the first season of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. When the show originally premiered I watched the first couple episodes and thought it was terrible, which is terrible to say about these three brilliant car freaks. I stopped watching.

Then, after I saw a news story of one of the hosts getting into a serious but non life-threatening accident, I decided to watch another episode. Turns out the show gets better towards the end. It’s still got parts I really don’t care for or are completely stupid, but overall I’m a fan again.


There’s a Netflix documentary series called “Chef’s Table” that is really an indulgence to watch. So much tasty food in high definition. The story for each chef is unique and some are just wild. To really want to be a chef takes a real love for the craft. It boggles me how each person is willing to just be in a kitchen for that long! I only prefer eating the food.

I watched the episode on Ivan Orkin and his ramen story. At first I thought this did not fit in the Chef’s Table caliber of chefs, most of whom have Michelin stars and very expensive restaurants. But he has a really good story and apparently his ramen is so good that he was popular in Japan. To be legit with ramen in Japan is probably the best indicator of the real deal.

Anyway, it just made me hungry for ramen. Unfortunately, I can’t eat it these days with my wheat problem, so I make my own homemade, nothing-like-ramen ramen using brown rice ramen from Costco. It’s good enough for me, even if it doesn’t ┬áhave the rich umami of the broth or the yummy pieces of pork belly or any of the garnishes. Well, it isn’t good enough, but it’ll have to do for now while I eat my nothing-like-ramen ramen and watch Chef’s Table.