Someone recommended the TV show “Suits” and I had no interest at first because it was about two male lawyers. Sounded so boring. But when I started to watch I had to admit it was good and it looked good. The name of the show is quite fitting.

The wardrobe makes a huge statement for each character. The female characters wear amazing dresses and they look so good while not being glamorous. Yet you know nobody dresses like that in real life…or do they?

Anyway, it’s a good show and worth watching. It’s a real drama in the sense there’s no smiling, all the characters are dealing with multiple fires at once, they appear to never sleep, and the whole season is to arrive near the end with a few smiles and laughs after overcoming the huge obstacles in the way, while the last few episodes set up the next season’s dramatic problems for the main characters.

Price: $15.99
Was: $26.98

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  1. i am totally into the show. I am in season 5 right now cause I didn’t realize they had released it when they did. it’s sooo good. What’s even better though, are the shows Newsroom and The Wire.

    1. I binge watched “The Wire” a while back. It was a fantastic show for being about such a “boring” and generic topic like cops and gangs. I guess it says something when you can make a “boring” topic really interesting to watch.

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