cat men

cat men

There are two people I follow on Instagram that are both British middle-aged men in the creative arts. One is an actor, one is a cinematographer/filmmaker. I really like their work and therefore it seemed logical to follow them on IG.

Of course, this makes it possible to learn things about them that are not related to their profession. I’ve discovered that these two, who probably have not (but possibly have) met each other, are both deeply devoted cat lovers.

Many of their IG stories and posts have cats in them. Images of their own cats or shelter cats, but they are definitively cat men, which I find amusing but more baffling. I guess it really makes me think if dogs are man’s best friend.

This could be a great reason for these two to meet, to talk about their cats. Which sounds utterly boring to me, but would be a paradise for them.

I still do not like cats.

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