how to help Hurricane Harvey families

how to help Hurricane Harvey families

Many friends I personally know were affected by Hurricane Harvey, from getting a few inches (which still ruins a lot of things and requires stripping walls down to the studs), to over 9 feet, which ruins the entire first floor and parts of the second floor.

The emotional trauma is real, but the support from neighbors to strangers to celebrities has been the healing balm for a very deep wound. However, recovery is a long road and it’s going to take more than the immediate needs like food, shelter, and a shower to get back to a normal life. It’s going to take money.

I think it’s better to give donations to a family directly than to a non-profit organization. There are pros for nonprofits, but like any organization, there can be delays. And they may not be offering help beyond the immediate needs. The federal government may help with long-term needs but that always comes with red tape. Insurance: even more red tape and many did not have flood insurance because many areas were not considered flood-prone zones. That’s how bad it was; it wasn’t even considered cover-able by insurers.

So, if you want to help a family affected by Harvey, consider these two families. They are real people, real families with children who have to live through this. School hasn’t started yet because of the storm. It affects everything. Help by donating and you will know exactly who it goes to.

This is Maria, who has four children with her husband. They lost everything. Maria’s relatives all live on the same street, and they lost everything. Help them get back on their feet.

This is Jessica and David, who have three kids and three dogs. They didn’t lose everything because they had a two-story home, but they lost a lot, including David’s carpentry workshop. So their income is greatly affected due to the workshop damage. They also lost both of their cars due to flooding. Help all of them by donating here.


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