Help these Hurricane Harvey families rebuild!

Help these Hurricane Harvey families rebuild!

I’ve added more families who have lost homes, cars, and belongings from Hurricane Harvey. The amount of devastation is unbelievable. These are families I know personally or are friends of my friends. All real people, families with children and/or pets or single parents or single people. So many have lost everything.

You lose a lot in a flood, even when you put what you can upstairs (if you have a second floor): shoes, clothing, photos, rugs, furniture, cabinets, carpets, flooring, appliances, cars or trucks, etc. You name it, it probably got stinky sewage-contaminated flood water in it. If the item can’t be bleached, it’s gotta be tossed.

If you can donate even $5, which is the price of one Starbucks or one cheap meal, it will help entire families get back on their feet and have a normal life again. Five bucks doesn’t go a long way by itself, but a bunch of people giving five bucks will go a very long way.

1. This is Maria, who has four children with her husband. They lost everything. Maria’s relatives all live on the same street, and they lost everything too. Help them get back on their feet.

2. This is Jessica and David, who have three kids and three dogs. They didn’t lose everything because they had a two-story home, but they lost a lot, including David’s carpentry workshop. So their income is greatly affected due to the workshop damage. They also lost both of their cars due to flooding. Help all of them by donating here.

3. This is Heari’s family. She takes care of her special needs brother and her diabetic father. They lost everything. And as a working schoolteacher and head of household, she needs your help. You can donate here.

4. Jacob’s apartment was flooded with six feet of water. He doesn’t even know if he can go back to his place yet to salvage anything. He basically has to buy everything again and start from scratch. He may also have to relocate. Help him out here:

5. The Chan’s house was flooded and they have already begun the repairs, but this single mom and daughter need help in the long run to pay for all the repair expenses. It’s not cheap and it would be nice to have walls again and to have furnishings again. All that stuff piled outside is flood damaged and has to be tossed. All that trash used to be their belongings less than two weeks ago. Donate to their fund here:

6. This young couple has nothing left but their dogs, a few shirts, some jewelry, and a few photos. Everything else is gone. Can you imagine having no clothes, no car, no computer, no your-favorite-thing, no kitchen, no anything except these few items? I can’t either! Help them get some sense of normalcy back:

7. And I have a friend in a northern suburb of Houston called Kingwood working directly with families for support. 100% of your donation will be used to directly help families. You can send PayPal donations to  


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