a good laugh

a good laugh

Laughing is really important to life. If it didn’t exist, maybe mankind wouldn’t exist. If nothing could make you laugh then maybe life wouldn’t be tolerable.

Happiness and joy are really important, but could you be happy and joyful and not laugh? Probably not. I like seeing people so happy that they start laughing and can’t stop. I also like laughing until you cry or your sides hurt. But then that sort of high-level laughing would require supreme funniness.

Good comedy is hard to find. There’s decent comedy, dark comedy, smart comedy, and silly comedy. Cultural reference comedy is only good for those cultures. If it’s too smart then nobody will get it. If it’s too dark then it gets too morbid or cynical. Political comedy is just depressing!

The best comedy is sometimes the simplest. That’s why I endorse Jim Gaffigan. He just talks about food and raising a family, among other things. But mostly food. Mmmm. Food.

Price: $10.20
Was: $15.00

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