I think I’ve been waiting for 2018 all my life. That’s how much I want this year to be what it’s supposed to be, better than last year. I’m really tired, so I will ramble.

I like the New York Times crossword, no matter how many times they use the same clues/answers for the little fillers. Like “asp,” “aha,” and “sean penn.” 🙂

I really like library book sales. I got a slew of plays and poetry for $14, with each book going for a quarter, fifty cents, up to a max of two bucks. So much better than buying off Amazon. And you get to support the local library. The books were so cheap I just gave them a $20 and told them to keep the change. The lady said the extra $6 was a generous donation. Perhaps she was being really humble about it because $6 doesn’t get much; maybe fifty years ago yes, but today, not as much.

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