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charity: water

Today I checked on my fundraising campaign for charity: water.¬†What a surprise I found! My goal of raising $450 was met yesterday! It really stumped me, yet why was I stumped? Why did I start the campaign if I felt as if it could not be done? Perhaps I wanted to see what could be done. My expectations were not high enough, but I’m glad that they were exceeded!

I’ve never campaigned for any sort of cause before, even though the issue of clean water has always caught my attention. This year, for my birthday, I wanted to take action, and it’s amazing how one small decision is going to impact a community somewhere that doesn’t have access to clean water! It has a global impact!

While in every way I am amazed by my friends who have donated (some of whom I haven’t seen in years), I am becoming aware of the impact of one. And that I can impact the world in a real, practical way to total strangers! It’s empowering, revelatory, and slightly terrifying.

How much more can I change the world in a positive way? There is so much negativity, stupid arguments, and endless distractions in our lives. It is time for me to stop procrastinating, dawdling about, and only wish for change when I can actually do something to bring about change.

This week I’ve started to flesh out a story synopsis that I wrote a couple years ago. I hope to make it into a short serial e-book for Amazon Kindle. It’s not easy to write, but I know I must write it and see what can happen. I have been wonderfully surprised today; how much more excitement is out there?

knocking on heaven’s door

Got to chat with my neighbor tonight and he told me that during the past couple months he was very ill, and I had no idea. He is recovering and I am glad that he’s doing better. However, this makes me wonder about a few things, mostly about life, death, and the people around us. My neighbors are around me for a reason, and I don’t want to be blind to any struggles they might have.

This also makes me think of something a friend told me recently, that there are dead people who wish they were alive. That’s a real eye opener. There’s no reason to hate life, no matter how bad. Circumstances will suck, but life is worth living. There are joys to be experienced and savored. There are mysteries to be searched for and revealed. There are memories waiting to be created and savored. I want more of those things.