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free Kindle e-book promo

My latest poetry book, The Warrior Destiny, is available for FREE for the next five days, from TODAY to June 28.


random June thoughts

In LA there’s a “season” called June gloom, which is basically cloudy days with cool temperatures. For locals the lack of constant sun can turn someone into a depressed person, as if they are severely deficient in Vitamin D and moping about as if the world is ending.

Personally, I love the June gloom. The temps are comfortable enough to leave windows open and the clouds keep the sun from frying my skin. The sun in SoCal is rather intense.

Yet, like the rest of this year, it’s been abnormal weather, for good (with the extra rain) and maybe bad (a sunny, hot June). Perhaps this year will simply not be normal.

This makes me want to go to a cloudy and cool place. Maybe Portland? It’s on my list of places to go.

I also randomly want to eat a lot of wheat products like ramen noodles, croissants, and bread. I also want to go to Paris but I think it’s actually hot there too.

But honestly, I am in the best place to be right now. I love LA.

I watched the rest of the first season of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. When the show originally premiered I watched the first couple episodes and thought it was terrible, which is terrible to say about these three brilliant car freaks. I stopped watching.

Then, after I saw a news story of one of the hosts getting into a serious but non life-threatening accident, I decided to watch another episode. Turns out the show gets better towards the end. It’s still got parts I really don’t care for or are completely stupid, but overall I’m a fan again.

Kindle promo sale starts today

Starting today and for the next week all my poetry books in Kindle format are on sale!

The Warrior Destiny (my latest book) for $0.99. The shortest collection.

The Warrior Journey (second in series) for $0.99 It’s the in-between in collection size.

The Warrior Heart (first book) for $1.99. Also the largest collection.

Happy World Poetry Day

In honor of World Poetry Day, I’m putting all three of my poetry books (Kindle version) on sale. However, for some reason Amazon won’t let me start the sale until next week! Bummer.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t buy the paperbacks or e-books today!


I’ve been wondering why people are buying bags of popcorn at the grocery stores. Popcorn is only for the movies, and when you watch a movie at home you buy the microwave bags and eat that. Why eat popcorn outside of a movie watching setting? Why are there so many brands of popcorn? They all have the same flavors! They all have a cheesy one, the salt and pepper one, the caramel one, the so-and-so one. And you get so little for the money. Potato chips are a better deal since it’s easy to make popcorn at home and not so easy to make potato chips.

Then, one day I ate some kettle corn. That bag was empty real fast. But why the craze?

I realized it’s because it’s seen as a healthier snack than potato chips because it’s so airy and not greasy. And you can put the “gluten-free” label on it. And charge a lot for what you get in a bag.

I started buying some kettle corn bags, but I didn’t like paying three bucks or whatever for a bag that was literally just popcorn, salt, and sugar. I can make this at home!

So while you can make popcorn in a pot, you can also get a gadget. Who wouldn’t like a gadget?

It’s cool to turn a wooden handle and hear the kernels pop. I feel so vintage and analog, old-school and old-timey. It’s hard not to when the thing is called a Whirley-Pop.

And it’s over in a few minutes. The kernels pop so fast it’s like firecrackers. Then pour steaming hot popcorn into a bowl and sprinkle or pour the seasonings and toppings. And all for cents, not dollars. And it’s organic. And it’s still gluten-free.


Previously: necks. Today: scarves

The best thing about winter is wearing scarves. I don’t recall wearing or owning a scarf until I lived on the east coast, where the wind is bitterly cold and the snowfall can get inside your coat unless all entry points between coat and skin are closed off with overlapping warm clothing.

It was so cold I had to wear a scarf. It wasn’t for fashion. I think I had a plain green fleece scarf from the Gap that was very functional but lacked style. I didn’t care; when you are freezing cold after walking in the snow all you care about is if something works well or not. Fleece worked really well.

I even had to buy earmuffs, but I refused to wear the old-school type of the headphones style. Instead, I had seen other people wearing these earmuffs that looked more techie, like a fleece for your ears. So I admit that when it came to ears, I wanted to be fashionable.

At least they were fleece, so I matched, sort of.

And I had to wear leather gloves. Any glove that’s just fabric is useless in snowy weather.

But perhaps most importantly, I had to wear wool socks. Because if your feet are cold, you are miserable and if your feet are frozen, you can’t walk. If you can’t walk, you are stuck in the snow. And if you’re stuck, you will get frostbite. And then you can lose your toes or your feet. Just because you didn’t want to pay a little extra for woolly socks. And they must be SmartWool socks.

But now I live in the land of mild climate, and I wear a scarf for fashion first, function second. Ear warmers are not necessary, fabric gloves are actually practical, and I’m happy with not having to drive on black ice, scraping a frozen windshield, or digging my car out of a pile of snow.


My last post talked about Kettle chips. Today I’ll talk about electric kettles.

A couple years ago I got really sick and had to drink a boatload of tea. I had a kettle but it took forever to heat up the water. The whistling also irritated me. Who likes hearing a screaming whistle when you’re feeling crappy? And to keep reheating the kettle for the second cup an hour later seemed like a waste of time and natural gas.

I was in the grocery store and they had electric kettles on sale for $15 and I picked one up, thinking that if the British use electric kettles (and of course they’re tea experts) then I could try this too and see how it compared.

It ended up being my favorite thing for the winter and in times of illness. If I lived in a country with miserable weather like England, I would drink a lot of tea too. But I don’t, yay!

Then this year I got a little sick again and reached for the kettle. Things were normal until one day I noticed the water tasted funny and thought it was because of leftover dish soap residue. Then after washing the cup, washing the kettle, and the taste still being weird, I finally figured out it was the kettle itself.

The kettle is made from plastic and I guess time and usage had started to wear out the plastic. The funny taste was that of disintegrating plastic. I was eating plastic. I was eating petroleum products. I was eating crude oil. I was eating fossilized dinosaur bones. I ate a dinosaur.

After getting rid of my favorite appliance turned secret poisoning agent, I had to find a new kettle. It took time, but I eventually got this one from Amazon:

It doesn’t have the glamour of clear glass and blue lighting, but it’s all stainless steel on the inside, which means no plastic disintegration after many uses. I am not eating dinosaurs anymore.

I also learned that the kettle is great for making instant oatmeal very quickly without a microwave. Mmm…oatmeal…

the poetry you are looking for

Just saying, I’ve got two poetry books available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle versions!

my latest poetry book 

The Warrior Journey: another poetry collection

and my first poetry book

The Warrior Heart: a poetry collection

I’m also thinking about publishing a poetry/coloring book for a story about knights.

the weekend of ants

Last weekend I met with a friend who recently published a book called “God and the Ants.” It was a time to catch up for the months we hadn’t seen each other. She shared about her book and I knew her book had a specialness to it. Little did I know how special it was.

The next morning I woke up and went to my desk to get online. Opening the door, I saw tiny ants all over my desk and invading my little office area. I started squashing ants and I knew somehow this had to do with my meeting last night. Immediately I had to admit to myself that I had harbored a subtle layer of jealousy about her releasing a novel. I was denying it to myself but when the ants invaded I knew this was a sign to confess.

I quickly wrote an email to my friend and confessed the jealousy and then spent all day fighting off ants, spraying sprays, squashing ants, and caulking up the gaps in the baseboards and floorboards where the ants were entering from. I needed help and another friend suggested using diatomaceous earth. It’s a natural, non-toxic bug killer and it seemed too good to be true, but my friend insisted it would work.

A quick trip to the hardware store and I started dusting the stuff into the floorboards. It seemed to not work, but I was assuming the dust would kill bugs instantly. My friend later clarified that it actually takes time to work and it will work given some time. The ant invasion stopped after a few days and I finally got some restful sleep this week.

All this to say, buy and read this book! It’s got something special on it, let’s call it magical anointing for now. But no more ant invasions, please.

P.S. My friend graciously received my confession and gave an encouraging word. Now that’s a friend.

God and the Ants by Mary Yoo