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the fall

This week the weather was summery, with highs in the 80s. It’s already September. On Monday I was thinking how long until the weather changed and then the next day the highs were in the 70s. The weather has changed. The kind of change where in LA you can wear shorts or not. Wear a hoodie in the evening. Perhaps skip the flip-flops for socks and shoes. Et cetera.

For me, I’m wearing the shorts, tanks, and flip-flops as long as I can.

I also did some “fall cleaning” of my phone. I have years of photos and videos and backed them up to my computer and then deleted about half off the phone. I suddenly have many gigabytes to take more photos and videos without worrying about running out of storage or having the phone freeze up when there’s not enough free space. I felt cleaned, pruned, detoxed, indexed.


Don’t forget that there are families who could still use some help, post-hurricane. Take a look at this post and donate. It will go toward helping them rebuild their lives.


Help these Hurricane Harvey families rebuild!

I’ve added more families who have lost homes, cars, and belongings from Hurricane Harvey. The amount of devastation is unbelievable. These are families I know personally or are friends of my friends. All real people, families with children and/or pets or single parents or single people. So many have lost everything.

You lose a lot in a flood, even when you put what you can upstairs (if you have a second floor): shoes, clothing, photos, rugs, furniture, cabinets, carpets, flooring, appliances, cars or trucks, etc. You name it, it probably got stinky sewage-contaminated flood water in it. If the item can’t be bleached, it’s gotta be tossed.

If you can donate even $5, which is the price of one Starbucks or one cheap meal, it will help entire families get back on their feet and have a normal life again. Five bucks doesn’t go a long way by itself, but a bunch of people giving five bucks will go a very long way.

1. This is Maria, who has four children with her husband. They lost everything. Maria’s relatives all live on the same street, and they lost everything too. Help them get back on their feet.

2. This is Jessica and David, who have three kids and three dogs. They didn’t lose everything because they had a two-story home, but they lost a lot, including David’s carpentry workshop. So their income is greatly affected due to the workshop damage. They also lost both of their cars due to flooding. Help all of them by donating here.

3. This is Heari’s family. She takes care of her special needs brother and her diabetic father. They lost everything. And as a working schoolteacher and head of household, she needs your help. You can donate here.

4. Jacob’s apartment was flooded with six feet of water. He doesn’t even know if he can go back to his place yet to salvage anything. He basically has to buy everything again and start from scratch. He may also have to relocate. Help him out here:

5. The Chan’s house was flooded and they have already begun the repairs, but this single mom and daughter need help in the long run to pay for all the repair expenses. It’s not cheap and it would be nice to have walls again and to have furnishings again. All that stuff piled outside is flood damaged and has to be tossed. All that trash used to be their belongings less than two weeks ago. Donate to their fund here:

6. This young couple has nothing left but their dogs, a few shirts, some jewelry, and a few photos. Everything else is gone. Can you imagine having no clothes, no car, no computer, no your-favorite-thing, no kitchen, no anything except these few items? I can’t either! Help them get some sense of normalcy back:

7. And I have a friend in a northern suburb of Houston called Kingwood working directly with families for support. 100% of your donation will be used to directly help families. You can send PayPal donations to  


how to help Hurricane Harvey families

Many friends I personally know were affected by Hurricane Harvey, from getting a few inches (which still ruins a lot of things and requires stripping walls down to the studs), to over 9 feet, which ruins the entire first floor and parts of the second floor.

The emotional trauma is real, but the support from neighbors to strangers to celebrities has been the healing balm for a very deep wound. However, recovery is a long road and it’s going to take more than the immediate needs like food, shelter, and a shower to get back to a normal life. It’s going to take money.

I think it’s better to give donations to a family directly than to a non-profit organization. There are pros for nonprofits, but like any organization, there can be delays. And they may not be offering help beyond the immediate needs. The federal government may help with long-term needs but that always comes with red tape. Insurance: even more red tape and many did not have flood insurance because many areas were not considered flood-prone zones. That’s how bad it was; it wasn’t even considered cover-able by insurers.

So, if you want to help a family affected by Harvey, consider these two families. They are real people, real families with children who have to live through this. School hasn’t started yet because of the storm. It affects everything. Help by donating and you will know exactly who it goes to.

This is Maria, who has four children with her husband. They lost everything. Maria’s relatives all live on the same street, and they lost everything. Help them get back on their feet.

This is Jessica and David, who have three kids and three dogs. They didn’t lose everything because they had a two-story home, but they lost a lot, including David’s carpentry workshop. So their income is greatly affected due to the workshop damage. They also lost both of their cars due to flooding. Help all of them by donating here.



I’m not moving. I have friends who are moving. One just moved to Tokyo yesterday; I can’t believe they’re gone. But they’re not really gone, especially with the Internet.

Another friend is moving to New York. I also can’t believe they’re moving. But they’re not really gone because we talk on the phone regularly. And we have the Internet.

I just made a new friend over the weekend, and she’s from New York City and traveling the country this summer break. I’m a little jealous of her travels, but then I’ve already done the traveling thing. And it’s just too hot to travel these days. Apparently it’s just hot everywhere right now. Might as well stay home and enjoy sleeping in my own cozy bed instead of some unknown housing situation.

That’s just me for now. I do have an itch to travel and I got me a new tote bag for the weekend trips I’ve imagined I’ll be taking soon. It’s from LL Bean and it’s a tough canvas bag that’s cool but not trendy. Classy.

buy and sell

Today I walked into Buffalo Exchange with bag of clothes, hoping to get something for things I haven’t worn in a long time. There was a line, with mostly skater guys, which surprised me, but maybe it shouldn’t since it’s LA and skaters + fashion is a real thing. I wondered if anything from my closet would be considered trendy enough for the store.

Turns out only a few items were, mostly plaid and striped shirts, and I now had store credit. I browsed and found two pairs of designer jeans that would be $100-200 each brand new that I got with store credit and only paid 12 bucks for. It seemed like a good trade off. Jeans I would never buy with their huge price tag I now own and am becoming more trendy than ever. Who am I?

running away (or running to stand still)

A theme that I’ve noticed in myself and some of my friends in conversation is the thought of running away. Just getting out of the car, just leaving the house, just leaving the country. All because of the same thing: not liking the present situation for whatever very deep and difficult reason(s).

It’s comforting to run away. It’s fun to run away. It’s great to not deal with whatever we don’t want to deal with. But now is the time where running away isn’t an option anymore. There’s too much to leave behind, too much that would fall apart if we left. So, now we have to change, we have to mature, we have to grow.

But growing up hurts. Growing pains are real. I think you never really grow out of growing pains.

However, I do plan to run away to a U2 concert. I have previously said that I wasn’t interested in going to the see the Joshua Tree tour, and while I am not as interested in this tour as the previous tour, it’s hard to say no to these guys. Actually, it’s hard for me to say no to their screens. I love their visuals, and screens have played a huge part since Achtung Baby.

And there’s some irony in it, of course. The original Joshua Tree tour was all old-school, with just lights and smoke or something. No screens. The complex technology of today didn’t exist back then, so back in the 90’s using lots of bulky TVs to make one big collage was what they did for Achtung Baby and that was considered groundbreaking.

This time, Joshua Tree at 30 looks like it has an old-school screen in the sense it’s only one large flat panel on one axis, but it looks SO GOOD. I think it’s maybe 4K or 8K resolution, so it’s going to be immersive. And that’s what I love so much about U2 shows. That’s why I gotta go.


This has been a long couple weeks for me as I have been supporting a friend who has been waiting on an offer from the perfect job. The interview went well, there was good vibes, even cool dreams about the job, but since the interview there was a lot of silence.

In the waiting so much can go on inside the head. I was wondering what was happening. I even had a dream where my friend had the job already! So, was it all in vain?


feelings and random notes

Feelings: we have them whether or not we want to admit it. I have feelings. Ewww.

But here’s what I’m feeling today: I feel like a dam is about to burst. A river of good things are waiting to wash over my world, and I need it bad because my allergies are acting up with all the blooming plants and pollen blown about by the windy wind.

I watched the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” last night and it was alright. Maybe because I’m a little jaded or perhaps I’m more perceptive now than when I was a little kid watching the Disney animated film, but I found it hard to believe that Belle fell for the beast because he was a bookworm. Maybe she fell in love with his library of books.

more beginnings

I’m working with an interior designer based in Santa Monica named Shay. She’s got me on board to write for her website. It’s the beginning of an adventure talking about the how and what the studio will look like. In some ways it’s all ironic to me, and my brain has been fatigued by allergens bombarding the air since the region is in a huge super bloom season.

This has resulted in tons of pretty flowers, lots of greenery, and lots of stuff in the air that hasn’t been around in this intensity for a long time. Basically, it’s allergy hell with colorful flora. Note my Instagram feed!

Well, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find the words I need to write. I know they will come but it’s hidden in a secret well. I know the where it is; it’s just a matter of digging it up. And it’s a long, hard dig.


I’m gonna be a bit mystical today and talk about not sleeping much lately. The restlessness is on the subconscious level and at first it bothered me. It still bothers me, but at least I know that the restlessness is a sign of good, not bad. Something is brewing in the unseen world that’s just ready to be poured out like a fine red wine.

The cool thing is that I see other friends who are also restless: literally not sleeping well. While it could be due to natural factors like stress or busyness, I sense that they are restless on the inside because they know something good is about to happen.