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liquid gold

Last time I wrote about dinosaurs. Today I’ll talk about bone broth.

I’m currently doing a modified bone broth cleanse, where you just drink bone broth all day instead of eating food. I’m also drinking raw whole milk, which is incredibly tasty and beneficial for your health, unlike pasteurized milk, even organic pasteurized milk. And, of course, good ol’ water. And some occasional komboucha tea. And some probiotics. My gut must be in heaven.

At first I didn’t think I could survive on bone broth, so I was adding in some powdered veggies, as well as some protein powder. But my body was not happy with any sort of powdered food; it demanded only liquids, especially the liquid gold that is bone broth.

After taking out the excess foods, my body was very happy with the broth and milk the most. I got hungry but if I was hungry I just drank more gold. Then, I slept like a baby and I found myself looking younger in the mirror. This was way better and easier than makeup or using a myriad of skin care products. My neck looked good, which is a concern after a certain age.

I have reached the stage where you say “a certain age.” This was never supposed to happen, but then it did when my doctor used that phrase. I am still in denial.

So my skin looks so clear, my neck looks good, and I’ve lost some weight. In the past, I’ve done fancy juice cleanses that were organic, specially formulated for nutritional optimization, and were not cheap. They were beneficial, but they don’t come close to beating the effectiveness of a bone broth cleanse. It’s tons cheaper and easier to do. The only expensive parts are the raw milk and the probiotics, but it’s a small price for the benefits I’ve experienced. (Tip: don’t buy broth, make it at home with grass-fed or other quality bones for the purest golden benefits.)

The purpose of the cleanse is not for making my neck look better, but for other reasons that will stay a mystery for now.

And I’m still not finished with the cleanse. So I’ll have to see what happens when I start eating solid food again. I do miss my burgers and fries.

apple cider vinegar

I’ve started taking apple cider vinegar (ACV) after reading about its myriad benefits. I’ve sipped diluted ACV for digestion and it helped a ton, which surprised me. I also used a dilution to soak my hair after shampooing, and voila! I had super silky hair.

I primarily am interested in the cleansing and detoxifying benefits, so I’m taking it at night and see how I feel the next day. And it’s been positive so far.

I’m using pure organic, unfiltered ACV, the popular Bragg’s brand. It’s funny how the one brand I saw and would secretly make fun of in my head is the one thing I am so glad to buy!

the juice cleanse

Today I’m finishing up a five-day juice cleanse. It’s been a long five days, but not that hard. I don’t feel that hungry and I’ve lost several pounds of what I believe are years of toxin buildup. While I’m quite happy with the results and feeling very healthy, I know it’s just the beginning of a larger life change.

A surprising benefit is that my feet look better. Overall, everything looks better, but I didn’t know feet were included. My feet appear to be less puffy looking, and I have to tighten my shoelaces when I go hiking. I also don’t need to wear my ankle brace, at least while doing an easy hike. And the veins look less puffy and seem skinnier and bulge out less. My circulation must be a lot better.

Who’d have thought fruits and vegetables could do so much?