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more beginnings

I’m working with an interior designer based in Santa Monica named Shay. She’s got me on board to write for her website. It’s the beginning of an adventure talking about the how and what the studio will look like. In some ways it’s all ironic to me, and my brain has been fatigued by allergens bombarding the air since the region is in a huge super bloom season.

This has resulted in tons of pretty flowers, lots of greenery, and lots of stuff in the air that hasn’t been around in this intensity for a long time. Basically, it’s allergy hell with colorful flora. Note my Instagram feed!

Well, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find the words I need to write. I know they will come but it’s hidden in a secret well. I know the where it is; it’s just a matter of digging it up. And it’s a long, hard dig.


I’m gonna be a bit mystical today and talk about not sleeping much lately. The restlessness is on the subconscious level and at first it bothered me. It still bothers me, but at least I know that the restlessness is a sign of good, not bad. Something is brewing in the unseen world that’s just ready to be poured out like a fine red wine.

The cool thing is that I see other friends who are also restless: literally not sleeping well. While it could be due to natural factors like stress or busyness, I sense that they are restless on the inside because they know something good is about to happen.

musical longings

Many times I’ve longed for the rock band dream. Not for the adulation of fans or the glamour of it, but to play music with people who you really jell with musically and personally. But I also know that I could never really do music all the time because I’ll get bored. Yet, if it could be a part-time gig…


Last night I had a dream I was Sherlock Holmes, the version from the TV show “Elementary” on CBS. I dreamed I was him and was riding a motorcycle, the sporty kind, a Ducati or something. It was yellow and I was riding it up a winding dirt road with hairpin turns. And Watson was riding in the back. We were not wearing helmets.

Anyway, I am riding this motorcycle up the dirt road and doing hairpin turns by doing a stop and pivot on the front wheel (a “stoppie,” according to Wikipedia).

I do a bunch of these and a part of me can’t believe I can do these things, let alone even know how to ride a bike with the gears and brakes on the handlebars and at the feet.

I have no idea what this dream means but it was really cool. Maybe I just watch too much “Elementary.”

dreaming the past

Last night I had a dream I was working at my old job and all my old coworkers were there. It made me happy to see all of them, yet I don’t know why I keep having this dream. There’s variations to the exact details of the dream, but the theme of going back to this old office is the same.

I really don’t know why I have this dream, but I’m not sure I like this dream anymore, even if I have a positive experience during the dream. I feel like I’m living in the past and not embracing my future. Well, my future is not clear and very uncertain, so perhaps that’s why I have this old dream, a place where everything was very certain and quite clear. If I can’t see my future in my waking life, then I want to dream of my future and let that dream become my reality.