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Hello, it’s been a while since my last blog post. Been busy doing stuff, some of it actually writing! Well, more like outlining.

I’ve also gotten on Instagram and you can see the feed on the right.

How you like the new theme?

Okay, I’ll write a better blog post sometime soon; just wanted to check in and say hi.

social connect

I’m still new to how everything connects to everything. It used to be that you had a blog. That’s all. Now there’s so many outlets a person can have to share whatever. Even live video now with Periscope; I’ll think about that later.

But today, I am doing the simple thing of linking my blog to my Facebook author page, so it can all be connected. It actually wasn’t that simple! Yet, it could’ve been worse…

old school

I missed blogging, but what I really missed was the interaction with my friends through the comments. This is what Xanga was really good at. It’s a shame everybody left when Facebook took off.

Everyone I subscribed to on Xanga wrote about whatever they wanted. It wasn’t limited to a 140 characters nor a status update. It was shared only with those who subscribed.

Facebook and Twitter made it easy to see what was happening with everyone very quickly without having to really share anything. It made relationships shallower and wider, which is useful in some contexts but made anything more substantial not possible in the virtual realm. I supposed all those who wanted to continue blogging went to blogger or WordPress. And now I am here, too.