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I’ve read a couple plays for a class I’m taking and they are very modern plays, meaning they’re not Shakespeare with lots of fluffy words and a cast of a million characters.

These plays only have four main characters and aren’t very long. No multiple acts, just a large handful of scenes and lots of talking. Plays, I’ve noticed, have lots of talking. It’s all about talking. Not so much action, or it’s not the emphasis. The words are supreme.

Plays appear to basically express the writer’s intellectual thoughts about an aspect of society. While in some ways it’s really great, in other ways it can be total BS. And of course you can interpret a play both ways. Isn’t that the great thing about plays?

Price: $9.78
Was: $13.95

more beginnings

I’m working with an interior designer based in Santa Monica named Shay. She’s got me on board to write for her website. It’s the beginning of an adventure talking about the how and what the studio will look like. In some ways it’s all ironic to me, and my brain has been fatigued by allergens bombarding the air since the region is in a huge super bloom season.

This has resulted in tons of pretty flowers, lots of greenery, and lots of stuff in the air that hasn’t been around in this intensity for a long time. Basically, it’s allergy hell with colorful flora. Note my Instagram feed!

Well, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find the words I need to write. I know they will come but it’s hidden in a secret well. I know the where it is; it’s just a matter of digging it up. And it’s a long, hard dig.

the poetry you are looking for

Just saying, I’ve got two poetry books available on Amazon, in paperback and Kindle versions!

my latest poetry book 

The Warrior Journey: another poetry collection

and my first poetry book

The Warrior Heart: a poetry collection

I’m also thinking about publishing a poetry/coloring book for a story about knights.

the weekend of ants

Last weekend I met with a friend who recently published a book called “God and the Ants.” It was a time to catch up for the months we hadn’t seen each other. She shared about her book and I knew her book had a specialness to it. Little did I know how special it was.

The next morning I woke up and went to my desk to get online. Opening the door, I saw tiny ants all over my desk and invading my little office area. I started squashing ants and I knew somehow this had to do with my meeting last night. Immediately I had to admit to myself that I had harbored a subtle layer of jealousy about her releasing a novel. I was denying it to myself but when the ants invaded I knew this was a sign to confess.

I quickly wrote an email to my friend and confessed the jealousy and then spent all day fighting off ants, spraying sprays, squashing ants, and caulking up the gaps in the baseboards and floorboards where the ants were entering from. I needed help and another friend suggested using diatomaceous earth. It’s a natural, non-toxic bug killer and it seemed too good to be true, but my friend insisted it would work.

A quick trip to the hardware store and I started dusting the stuff into the floorboards. It seemed to not work, but I was assuming the dust would kill bugs instantly. My friend later clarified that it actually takes time to work and it will work given some time. The ant invasion stopped after a few days and I finally got some restful sleep this week.

All this to say, buy and read this book! It’s got something special on it, let’s call it magical anointing for now. But no more ant invasions, please.

P.S. My friend graciously received my confession and gave an encouraging word. Now that’s a friend.

God and the Ants by Mary Yoo