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feelings and random notes

Feelings: we have them whether or not we want to admit it. I have feelings. Ewww.

But here’s what I’m feeling today: I feel like a dam is about to burst. A river of good things are waiting to wash over my world, and I need it bad because my allergies are acting up with all the blooming plants and pollen blown about by the windy wind.

I watched the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast” last night and it was alright. Maybe because I’m a little jaded or perhaps I’m more perceptive now than when I was a little kid watching the Disney animated film, but I found it hard to believe that Belle fell for the beast because he was a bookworm. Maybe she fell in love with his library of books.

haircut, egg rolls, and Rex

Yesterday was a series of ups and downs, but I’ll talk about the ups of the day, which was getting a haircut by my stylist in her kitchen. She calls them “kitchen cuts,” which is just me sitting in the middle of her kitchen on a regular dining chair. We chatted away and I mentioned the egg rolls I am currently obsessed with.¬†She then mentioned that her roommate made egg rolls earlier that day and could sample them, which I of course did (they were very, very good).

Also included in my kitchen cut was her dog, Rex, a little chihuahua that barked and barked but I was okay with that. He saw me in the kitchen and then proceeded to eat his dog bowl clean while I watched.

Then, suddenly my haircut was done, and she always does a great job. Looking in the mirror made my day better, having a “new” look for the next season.

stay beautiful

It was a mildly chilly evening but I was bundled up in a hoodie and jacket, wearing dark clothing. I was walking down the sidewalk carrying a pizza slice box. It was nearly dark and the streetlights were on. A man on a bicycle sped down the street, and when he was coming up from behind and passing me, I heard him say,

“Stay beautiful, girl!”

And he went past me and was gone in the midst of the traffic and out of my line of sight. I was already walking with my head high, but I walked a little bit more regally carrying that pizza box.