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random June thoughts

In LA there’s a “season” called June gloom, which is basically cloudy days with cool temperatures. For locals the lack of constant sun can turn someone into a depressed person, as if they are severely deficient in Vitamin D and moping about as if the world is ending.

Personally, I love the June gloom. The temps are comfortable enough to leave windows open and the clouds keep the sun from frying my skin. The sun in SoCal is rather intense.

Yet, like the rest of this year, it’s been abnormal weather, for good (with the extra rain) and maybe bad (a sunny, hot June). Perhaps this year will simply not be normal.

This makes me want to go to a cloudy and cool place. Maybe Portland? It’s on my list of places to go.

I also randomly want to eat a lot of wheat products like ramen noodles, croissants, and bread. I also want to go to Paris but I think it’s actually hot there too.

But honestly, I am in the best place to be right now. I love LA.

I watched the rest of the first season of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. When the show originally premiered I watched the first couple episodes and thought it was terrible, which is terrible to say about these three brilliant car freaks. I stopped watching.

Then, after I saw a news story of one of the hosts getting into a serious but non life-threatening accident, I decided to watch another episode. Turns out the show gets better towards the end. It’s still got parts I really don’t care for or are completely stupid, but overall I’m a fan again.

my favorite TV show

(no spoilers here) The fourth season of BBC’s Sherlock is on and two of the three episodes have aired. I was really hoping for it to be more serious and fun than the last season, which wasn’t that serious and rather silly at times.

It’s been more serious for sure, yet it’s bordering on ridiculousness at times. Don’t be mistaken, this is my favorite TV show (of all time, possibly), but a part of me is getting bored with these characters. Or is it the stories that seem to be losing their magic?

Yet, even as I was disappointed with the second episode, I easily saw themes that I thought were actually very interesting and relevant, which then keeps the show in my “favorite” category. Plot twists are okay, yet I wonder if it’s possible to use so many plot twists and quickly become gimmicky and predictable.

As much as I love the show, after the third episode airs, I wonder if I’ll be wanting the show to end instead of continue for a season five.