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Growing up I thought crying was a bad thing, because it indicated grief or hurt. And it usually does. And for most of my life it usually was the reason to cry.

I also thought crying was for babies. Did I cry much as a teenager? I don’t remember, but I do remember being angsty and frustrated. If I knew why I was so angsty and frustrated I think I would have cried. Because it usually was because of a grief or hurt.

Now I’ve learned that crying isn’t always a bad thing. Crying can be a healing force, a release of the grief and pain, not an indicator of carrying pain. Crying can be the balm to finally close up that wound that time didn’t heal. Crying can be a sign of maturity.

Context is always the key for anything, including crying. When you’re young you may not understand context, but as an adult the hope is to grow emotionally and understand context properly.

On a related note, I recently read the script for this old classic movie, Kramer Vs. Kramer. While reading it I wanted to cry at certain scenes, and I bet if I watched the movie I would cry a lot.


I’ve read a couple plays for a class I’m taking and they are very modern plays, meaning they’re not Shakespeare with lots of fluffy words and a cast of a million characters.

These plays only have four main characters and aren’t very long. No multiple acts, just a large handful of scenes and lots of talking. Plays, I’ve noticed, have lots of talking. It’s all about talking. Not so much action, or it’s not the emphasis. The words are supreme.

Plays appear to basically express the writer’s intellectual thoughts about an aspect of society. While in some ways it’s really great, in other ways it can be total BS. And of course you can interpret a play both ways. Isn’t that the great thing about plays?

Price: $9.78
Was: $13.95


I’ve recently started reading “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott. It’s about writing. And everything she says is true, fortunately and unfortunately.

Today, instead of writing something important, I’m writing about a book on writing, and not even really writing about it, just mentioning it.

I’ll also mention the U2 Joshua Tree tour starts tomorrow. While I’m not as excited about this tour as their previous tours, I am very curious about the show and set list. If it surprises me, then I might be tempted to buy an overpriced resale ticket and go.

more beginnings

I’m working with an interior designer based in Santa Monica named Shay. She’s got me on board to write for her website. It’s the beginning of an adventure talking about the how and what the studio will look like. In some ways it’s all ironic to me, and my brain has been fatigued by allergens bombarding the air since the region is in a huge super bloom season.

This has resulted in tons of pretty flowers, lots of greenery, and lots of stuff in the air that hasn’t been around in this intensity for a long time. Basically, it’s allergy hell with colorful flora. Note my Instagram feed!

Well, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to find the words I need to write. I know they will come but it’s hidden in a secret well. I know the where it is; it’s just a matter of digging it up. And it’s a long, hard dig.

Happy World Poetry Day

In honor of World Poetry Day, I’m putting all three of my poetry books (Kindle version) on sale. However, for some reason Amazon won’t let me start the sale until next week! Bummer.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t buy the paperbacks or e-books today!

MJ in the movies

I recently watched “The Lego Batman Movie” and a theme for Batman’s character was based on a Michael Jackson song “Man in the Mirror,” which was cute and nostalgic for the parents of their kids watching the movie. I wanted to see the movie because “The Lego Movie” was so “awesome” and needed to escape reality for a couple hours.

One of the trailers before the Lego Batman movie was for “Despicable Me 3,” which seemed to be drab, until the villain was revealed to be a living piece of ’80’s nostalgia and was introduced to MJ’s iconic hit, “Bad” (the album also includes “Man in the Mirror”). Is this coincidence? Is this a conspiracy? Who knows, but let’s just imagine what might have happened…

The writers for each movie, perhaps they are close buddies and huge Michael Jackson fans. Perhaps they grew up listening to his songs and wanting to be as bad as the King of Pop, but were too nerdy, had no dance skills, or lived in a podunk town where Michael Jackson’s music was too “urban.”

Years pass, they are now succcessful Hollywood screenwriters and they meet up to talk about random stuff. They are brunching in a hot restaurant, where it’s more about being seen than about the quality of the food. Lots of talking, not much eating (what a waste of food).

They talk about their respective scripts in progress, both animation movies with male protagonists who have dark, not-totally-good-guy pasts/personalities. They need to liven up the moodiness so it can be appealing to children and appease the parents of the children with positive stories about superheroes.

They talk about music, they talk about MJ, they talk about the album of the decade. They talk about the songs, the lyrics. Hey, why not make my uber-moody-introspective character live out the lyrics to “Man in the Mirror?” Why hasn’t anyone done that yet? I’ll do that!

“Wow, what if I could incorporate the song “Bad,” into one of my characters? Since you’re doing the protagonist in Batman, I can do the antagonist with Balthazar Bratt!” and we totally won’t be copying each other!”

“Yeah, what a great idea! We can both use Michael Jackson songs in our movies and totally introduce him to a new generation of kids who have never heard his awesome music. Perhaps they’ll ignore the part of his life that was embroiled in child abuse allegations and just focus on the music.”

Yeah, it’s been so long (at least in today’s sense of history having a very short shelf life) that I think many people have forgotten about the scandal and remember the music. I love both those songs (and many others), yet the taint of these great memories made it somewhat bittersweet to see them incorporated into two major feature films, especially animated films aimed at children. Did any studio executive not think about this?

Well, the fact that nobody has really made a fuss about the “Lego Batman” movie means that the rest of the world didn’t think about it or didn’t care.

I’ll be watching this sequel when it comes out, mostly for the ’80’s music, which also includes Phil Collins…

other stuff

As I move away from poetry, I plan to pursue other creative outlets. One idea is to write a serial blog, posting bits of a short story. Another is more music-oriented, but needs to be fleshed out more.

Even though March and the beginning of spring approaches, there’s nothing like getting sick on the last day of February.


Previously: necks. Today: scarves

The best thing about winter is wearing scarves. I don’t recall wearing or owning a scarf until I lived on the east coast, where the wind is bitterly cold and the snowfall can get inside your coat unless all entry points between coat and skin are closed off with overlapping warm clothing.

It was so cold I had to wear a scarf. It wasn’t for fashion. I think I had a plain green fleece scarf from the Gap that was very functional but lacked style. I didn’t care; when you are freezing cold after walking in the snow all you care about is if something works well or not. Fleece worked really well.

I even had to buy earmuffs, but I refused to wear the old-school type of the headphones style. Instead, I had seen other people wearing these earmuffs that looked more techie, like a fleece for your ears. So I admit that when it came to ears, I wanted to be fashionable.

At least they were fleece, so I matched, sort of.

And I had to wear leather gloves. Any glove that’s just fabric is useless in snowy weather.

But perhaps most importantly, I had to wear wool socks. Because if your feet are cold, you are miserable and if your feet are frozen, you can’t walk. If you can’t walk, you are stuck in the snow. And if you’re stuck, you will get frostbite. And then you can lose your toes or your feet. Just because you didn’t want to pay a little extra for woolly socks. And they must be SmartWool socks.

But now I live in the land of mild climate, and I wear a scarf for fashion first, function second. Ear warmers are not necessary, fabric gloves are actually practical, and I’m happy with not having to drive on black ice, scraping a frozen windshield, or digging my car out of a pile of snow.


In my efforts to write more, I’ll be using some writing prompts to get my thoughts outside my head.

Today, I will write about potato chips.

I recently was in a grocery store and saw a cool selection of Kettle Chips on sale. The purple one that said “Korean BBQ” caught my attention and wondered if meat could be captured in a chip. Well, there are hickory BBQ chips out there. So what makes it Korean-flavored? Let’s see:


Perhaps the secrets are garlic powder and the even more secretive Korean “spices.” It’s definitely not tomato powder.

I considered buying them, but the thought of me buying K-BBQ chips seemed wrong. So I bought these instead:

I have no idea what makes something “Hawaiian” flavored. Is it ginger? I’m pretty sure it’s not the avocado oil. I couldn’t tell but I ate the whole bag because it didn’t matter what it claimed to be; it was just tasty.

And, once again, this is NOT Korean. But they’re probably delicious. You’re welcome.